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Karen Traeger, Nokia

I highly recommend “Business Class” services Providing an end to end events planning, together with overall travel support (hotels, airports pickups, etc).

I really enjoy working with them as they are always responsive and provide competitive rates. Great team work, professionalism and dedication.

Keep up the good work!

Lihi Lubranski, Sony 

Business Class team support us with all aspects of accommodation of visitors in Israel, from the moment they land (organizing VIP services and transportation) during their stay in Israel (organizing hotels, tours in Israel, meeting rooms, etc.) until their departure.

We organize many visits in Israel and we searched for a service company with high quality team, high availability, that are capable to adapt to customer requirements and of course, provide good prices.

I started to work with Business Class two years ago and found small and high-quality team, professional and dedicated, who thinks first and foremost about the customer’s needs. In addition to the great service of the team, the company works with professional suppliers, and we trust them completely when it comes to providing services in Israel to our guests

I highly recommend Business Class

Dear Orly and Limor,


Thanks for a wonderful event. The positive feedback keeps flowing: 

“Location was perfect. Set up and logistics was handled extremely well.”
(a sales person from Europe) “I think the SKO 2016 was perfect, (sales from America) “The event felt well organized”. Attached are thank you letter for you and to pass from us to the hotel. Hope to do more business together in the future!



לימור, אורלי ופזית היקרות,

רציתי להודות לכן בשמי ובשם כל הצוות שלנו ב-888. עכשיו כשהשבוע הזה מאחורינו אנחנו יכולים לסמן אותו כהצלחה אדירה וזה לא היה יכול להיות ככה בלעדיכן.

כל האורחים יצאו מגדרם לגבי המלון, הארוחות, החוויה בירושלים ואפילו לגבי השוקולדים שחיכו להם בחדר ונתנו להם להרגיש מיוחדים מהרגע הראשון. 

תודה רבה על המקצועיות, הזמינות, הנכונות וההשקעה.
מצפה כבר לשיתוף הפעולה הבא,


הי פזיתוש,


רוצה למסור לך תודה ענקית על השירות המעולה שקיבלתי ממך,

משלב ההכנות לכנס (על כל השינויים שהיו) ועד לדאגה לכל הפרטים במהלך הכנס.

מעבר לזה שעזרת והקלת בצדדים הטכניים, הנוכחות שלך היתה אופטימית ומרגיעה.

מעריכה את זה מאד מאד!!!

אוהבת אותך,



I would like to thank you for your support and excellent service.

Recently two events were organized and arranged by BIZCLASS

ITU-T November 2015

Group of 25 ITU-T worldwide members stayed at Crown Plaza Tel-Aviv.

Hotel arrangements were arranged professionally by BIZCLASS. Last minute cancellations for hotel and requests of all kind were handled with immediate response and utmost patience.

Members of ITU-T event participated in meeting at Crown Plaza Tel-Aviv from Monday to Friday .

Seminar room was very well organized , coffee and cake breaks, all technical equipment was very well arranged.

In addition to the hotel and seminar arrangements, BC organized an evening with tour guide in Jaffa-Tel-Aviv and restaurant. Both were successful and enjoyed by all participants.

 ADVA Optical Networking – QBR December 2015 Event

Group of 22 worldwide ADVA employees stayed at the Metropolitan  hotel
in Tel-Aviv

The group participated in meeting at hotel on Monday and Tuesday.

The seminar at the Metropolitan was also very well organized , coffee and cake breaks, all technical equipment was very well arranged.

In addition to the hotel and QBR event, we requested 3 evenings to arrange 3 different restaurants and one full day tour to the North.

All three restaurants were successful and I received responses from a few participants thanking us for the wonderful tour arranged by BC.

All questions and requests were answered immediately and any problem which arose was take care of immediately.

Regarding rates for hotels and seminar packages, both were reasonable prices and definitely worth the price!

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND WORKING WITH BIZCLASS, due to the successful events, we are continuing to work with them on a daily basis with hotel reservations.

Without a doubt our next event will be organized by BIZCLASS.


Jennifer Levy

Office Administrator  
ADVA Optical Networking Israel Ltd.

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